Maybe your new, Maybe your not…

Whether it’s through sermon discussion, serving within an Outreach project, or sharing a common interest, we encourage everyone to join “Launch Group.” These sessions seek to freshly place upon your heart the vision and direction of the church. Maybe you have only been coming to our house for a few weeks… Maybe you have been apart of what we are doing for quiet some time now. Either way, these days will give you the opportunity to get connected here at NVBC and to mature in your relationship with Christ. At the same time, you’ll have the chance to understand why we do what we do that we may further proclaim the fame of King Jesus together!

New Pre-Membership Dates:
Session 1: 11/5/17 @5p
Session 2: 11/12/17 @5p
Session 3: 11/19/17 @5p

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